The Lower Back Program #2: The Sacral Base + Manual

Lower Back Program #2 Course

2-Day Course (14 Contact hours)
Clinic (4 days)
PDF Manual Included
Future Updates to Manual
Future access to Video Content for Review

Representing a cutting-edge program, this course will teach the student how to take a further look at the sacral base and treat the additional conditions found there. The treatment plan that students will learn includes the rotation of the sacral vertebrae gently back into place and the balancing of the ligaments that attach to each of these segments. The conditions corrected using the techniques in this program include chronic sacroiliac restrictions, tailbone pain, and chronic sacral inflammation.. Manual included.

  • Practicing Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Practicing Physical Therapist
  • Practicing Pain Treatment Specialist
  • Practicing Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Practicing Trainer or Sports Therapist
  • Students of these disciplines looking for post-graduate courses
The Lower Back Program #1
  • The 5-Mark System for Side-Lying Sacral Corrections
  • Assessing and Treating Dysfunctions of the Sacral Vertebrae
  • Assessing and Treating Dysfunctions of the Caudal Vertebrae (in the Coccyx)
  • Working the sacrotuberous, sacrospinous, and posterior sacroiliac ligaments
  • Assessing and Treating Dysfunctions of the Sacral Vertebrae for Gait
  • Working the sacrotuberous, sacrospinous, anterior and posterior sacroiliac ligaments
  • Instruction and hands-on practice for a total of 2 days of 7 hours each
  • Total Contact Hours awarded will be 14 hours
  • Second day of the course will include 4 hours of Clinical practice with clients
Graduates are awarded one continuing-education credit per hour which can be applied to license renewals. Our courses are recognized as continuing-education post-graduate courses for practicing therapists.
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What You'll Learn

  • 1 Welcome, Background, History
  • 2 Introduction to Muscle Energy Technique
  • 3 Lesson 1: Introduction to Advanced Concepts for the Sacral Base
  • 4 Lesson 2: The Five-Mark System for Side-lying Sacral Corrections
  • 5 Lesson 3: Assessing and Correcting Sacral Vertebral Dysfunctions
  • 6 Lesson 4: Assessing and Correcting Caudal Vertebral Dysfunctions
  • 7 Lesson 5: Assessing and Correcting Sacral Vertebral Dysfunctions Related to Gait
  • 8 Lesson 6: Working the Anterior and Posterior Sacroiliac Ligaments
  • 9 Lesson 7: Working the Sacrotuberous and Sacrospinous Ligaments
  • 10 The Lower Back Program #2 Manual