Darryl W. Burch
Darryl Wayne Burch, CMT, COTT, COTTI was a medic during the Vietnam War who was profoundly affected by his experiences during that era of his life.  He also suffered some extremely debilitating soft tissue injuries that he was able to overcome by treating himself in order to proceed with a lifelong career in Pain Treatment, in spite of the fact he was told at a very young age that his own body would never hold up to the rigors of the job by the medical profession.  Darryl has spent many years working with people to correct structural imbalances, improve their posture and bodily movements, and identify their dreams in the form of physical activities in order to help make them a reality.  His goal in working with any client is to bring the client to completion.  The majority of folks who choose to work with Darryl have ‘fallen through the system’, in that they have already tried other forms of bodywork and consulted the medical profession without finding lasting relief for their pain.
Darryl’s form of bodywork is, among other things, a scientifically-based, proven method for aligning the spine using a gentle form of passive hold and release stretching, and he has saved people from impending surgery with his work.  Darryl brought his work to Canada and has operated successful clinics in Superior, Montana, and Portland, Oregon, and has also been involved in teaching his techniques.  He is now interested in focusing his energies into teaching the next generation as he has always had the belief that people are helped at an exponential rate based on the number of students that he teaches.
Sharole K. Burch

My name is Sharole Kimberly Burch, and I have been working as a Massage Therapist for twenty-three years.  Many people who work in the health field have some inkling that this will be their direction beginning in childhood; however, this was not the way my path unfolded.  I had a catastrophic injury to my right shoulder in the form of a partial dislocation due to a water-skiing accident when I was 16 years of age.  I suffered from shoulder pain and massive migraines, and neither condition was resolved by the chiropractors, physical therapists, or the massage therapists that I first consulted in my teens and from whom I continued seeking treatment well into my twenties.  I was very eager to find a solution for my migraines in particular because they could become so painful that all I could do was remain in a dark room hoping no-one would bother me as any loud sound would send me into paroxysms of intense pain.  The sudden-impact thrusts applied to my neck were weakening my cervical spine and the headaches would sometimes end up worse after a treatment.  I was desperate for a lasting solution to my pain.

A dear friend of mine introduced me to an extraordinary therapist so I could assess his bodywork and decide if I wanted to give it a try.  I was so fascinated that I was literally driven to find out more about it!  Not only did I find relief for my migraines which have never reoccurred after a single series of treatments, but I was able to dedicate six years of my life to Shorin Ryu Karate and earn my Shodan (First Degree) Black Belt in my 40’s, a feat that would not have been possible but for the work accomplished on my neck and shoulder all those years ago.  I married the extraordinary therapist and both of us have been dedicated to helping as many people as possible with their pain through the application of his work and also by teaching a new generation of therapists.  It is my privilege to share this work with the world and my sincerest hope that it will become a mainstream form of treatment, because I can honestly say that in my lifetime, I have never witnessed a more powerful and therapeutic set of tools for correcting structural dysfunctions and treating bodily pain.   

Melissa Foutch

Darryl and Sharole Burch have changed my life drastically in many ways.  From healing my body from several car accidents to teaching me lifelong skills that I will be forever grateful for.

I was in several car accidents at the age of 18 that left me in a lot of pain with a scared outlook of what the future would hold for me.  I had a very dim outlook on how I would age.  I went to many doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists without much if any relief for many years before I met the Burch family.  I had so much pain in my knees from inflammation that I had a hard time walking in the morning, which I learned all came from my lower back misalignments.  During the treatment process, I learned how my body compensated for the injuries I had sustained during my car accidents.

Their work was so miraculous for my life that it inspired me to go to school to become a massage therapist to continue the work that they do.  This type of work would not have been possible for my body without them.  

Today I get to work with people that come in with that same look of fear in their eyes that I once had when I walked into Darryl and Sharole’s office.  I get the opportunity to help people in the way that they helped me to live my life in the fullest without the daily pains and stiffness that restricted my body.  I am forever grateful for the gift they have bestowed upon me.

Carissa Campos

After a decade in the massage profession and having built a thriving practice, I was faced with the possibility of having to give it up. I was waking up in pain sometimes having to wear a neck brace for support while driving or sleeping and often needing help to get up or turn over in bed because I couldn’t move my head. I received frequent chiropractic adjustments and often by the time I returned to my car, the adjustment had already slipped back to where I started, lucky me, a hypermobile gymnast who had a car accident and a bunch of torn ligaments in my neck. I was distraught. My physical health was affecting my practice and my personal life.

When I first met Darryl and he realized I was another massage therapist he was so incredibly excited and confident about what he had to share that he came across as arrogant and pushy. Perhaps my ego was just getting in the way! I shortly thereafter met his wife Sharole and we began to trade services. I was intrigued as I realized how positively my body was responding and that the results lasted much longer than other types of treatments I had tried. This type of MET work was different than my original Neuromuscular training in how it could be used to specifically address each individual joint in the spine. My curiosity turned into a determination to learn as much as I could about Applied Postural Mechanics!

For the next three years I studied with Darryl and Sharole coming to appreciate them both for the loving, genuinely caring people they are. I continued receiving therapy from them, an experience that both deepened my understanding of the modality and strengthened my physical ability to perform the techniques I was being taught. From my personal practice I brought easily a dozen patients who were willing to help me learn to be a better therapist by working with myself and Darryl or Sharole. On countless occasions Darryl has patiently explained again and again the steps to perform techniques I struggled with. I remember one day in particular laying supine on the massage table with both legs straight up, feet clutching my Anatomy skeleton’s pelvis, suspending it to the same position in relation to me as my head was in Darryl’s hands determined to understand how to place my fingers. After discussing the point, the moment dawned on us how funny this would appear to the random individual and we both started laughing. Today, I am confident in my practice of APM and I am stronger physically than I have ever been. I have found wonderful mentors and I cherish the knowledge they have shared with me and the privilege to be part of sharing it with others. They encouraged me every step of the way, and without them I would not be the therapist or teacher I am today.