Darryl Wayne Burch, CMT, COTT, COTTI

Darryl Wayne Burch, CMT, COTT, COTTI was a medic during the Vietnam War who was profoundly affected by his experiences during that era of his life. He also suffered some extremely debilitating soft tissue injuries that he was able to overcome by treating himself in order to proceed with a lifelong career in Pain Treatment, in spite of the fact he was told at a very young age that his own body would never hold up to the rigors of the job by the medical profession. Darryl has spent many years working with people to correct structural imbalances, improve their posture and bodily movements, and identify their dreams in the form of physical activities in order to help make them a reality. His goal in working with any client is to bring the client to completion. The majority of folks who choose to work with Darryl have ‘fallen through the system’, in that they have already tried other forms of bodywork and consulted the medical profession without finding lasting relief for their pain. More »