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Conni L.

I have personally experienced 15 years of back pain, 3 back surgeries, many years of physical therapy, acupuncture, and have tried traditional massage therapy.  I have found that the type of muscle energy sports therapy that Darryl provides has helped me more than any other treatment I have ever experienced.  I am confident that if this type of therapy were more widely available more people would be able to avoid more drastic measures to alleviate their pain.

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Teacher Conni L.

Glenda H.

My legs, feet and back hurt 24 hours a day.  I was diagnosed with spinal disease, fibromyalgia, and diabetes.  He has worked with me for only 2 months.  I can raise my arms…I can walk upstairs without holding on.  I have ridden a bike and even tap-danced with my granddaughter.  I am no longer in constant pain and couldn’t be more pleased.

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Teacher Glenda H.

Jennifer H.

My story begins…when I was 11 and diagnosed with scoliosis…my thoracic curve being at 48 degrees and lumbar curve being 35 degrees.  What I noticed most of all is my pelvis that was protruding on the right side, after the MET work felt even with the other side.  I decided to give it some time to see if my pelvis would fall back into the incorrect position.  A month later though, my pelvis was still aligned.  Something I had not seen since the beginning of my treatment for scoliosis.  …my family, friends, and I have all seen major physical improvements…

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John H.

I have known Darryl Burch for nearly a year in his capacity as a Muscle Energy Therapist with a specialization in the back.  Darryl, assisted by his wife, Sharole, was extremely helpful in alleviating sometimes acutely painful back conditions.  He has a unique skill and is gifted in its use.

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Teacher John H.

Kevin D.

The jobs available to me were labor intensive, and involved heavy lifting and strenuous activity in awkward positions.  By my late twenties I had back problems…I went to doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists, and spent piles of money for which I got little to no relief, and the help that I did get was temporary at best.  It has been over twenty years now since I have had the kind of pain I used to experience on a weekly basis, and aside from an occasional tune-up I have not spent any money to stay healthy.  I can tell…

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Teacher Kevin D.

Marjorie V.

I am writing to you to tell you how much your work means to me and how much you have helped me.  I have fibromyalgia, and now I am 95% pain free.  I know that you told me that my spine being out of alignment magnified my pain but I never dreamed that after a lifetime of pain this could actually happen.

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Wanda K.

As I said before I was in bad shape and no one I had seen could help me.  In one treatment my ribs felt better and he had my arm raising above my head.  I had not been able to do that for 2 years!  The doctors wanted to operate to do what he did in less than a half-hours work.

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Teacher Wanda K.