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Charles A. LMT

In my opinion, Darryl absolutely shines in the clinical setting.  His effectiveness as a therapist and teacher is the bottom line.  When I took over Darryl’s business I also inherited several of his tougher, chronic cases as regular clients.  I have also had new people come to me after failures with surgeons, doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists.  I rarely fail to radically improve their condition.  Under Darryl’s guidance, I have become exactly what he saw: a good and skilled therapist.  I am thankful and so are my patients.

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Melissa F. LMT

Darryl and Sharole were my mentors for 2 years.  Their classes are very well led, organized, and instructional.  They always took the time to make sure everyone understood the material that is being taught, and lots of one-on-one as well as group instruction.  Close guidance was given from assessment to procedure.  They are by far the best teachers I have ever had.  I am forever grateful for the gift they have bestowed upon me.

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Carissa C. LMT

Beyond the benefits I experienced as a patient, I was trained by Sharole and Darryl the techniques they used to help me so I can share that knowledge with others and help more people live their lives excited for the next day.  In my now 12 years as an LMT, I have yet to find another modality that has the potential to profoundly impact the lives of so many, yet is known and practiced by so few.

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Jason M. LMT

Studying with Darryl Burch in Applied Postural Mechanics has completely changed my practice as a professional massage therapist.  I am now able to work confidently with very complex and chronic issues and create outcomes for clients previously unimaginable.  Through his expertise, I am now sought after and regarded as an indespensable resource for moving clients out of pain and into greater activity in their lives.  As someone working hands on with clients, you cannot do better than the decades of hands-on experience and innovation Darryl possesses.

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Dolores C. PT

The osteopathic manual procedure called Muscle Energy Technique is one area that physical therapists have begun integrating in their assessment and treatments, for it can be highly effective in restoring functional movement and treating pain, yet it is a safe procedure.  Difficult cases not helped by other approaches frequently benefit from Muscle Energy (Technique).  I have begun the task of learning MET because I believe it will be one of the most effective tools I can offer in providing quality health care.

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