740Designed for the treatment of athletes in particular, the Legs for Gait course teaches the student to assess the gait of the client and to perform corrections and soft-tissue techniques to maximize the efficiency of the gait when walking or running. The key to improving the gait lies in removing the restrictions which cause a ‘drag’ effect on the body by balancing the muscles driving the movement of the legs and creating a freedom in that movement.

Course Information

  • Practicing Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Practicing Physical Therapist
  • Practicing Pain Treatment Specialist
  • Practicing Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Practicing Trainer or Sports Therapist
  • Students of these disciplines looking for post-graduate courses

The Lower Back Program #1

  • Assessing and Treating Dysfunctions of the Lumbar Vertebrae for Gait
  • Assessing and Treating Dysfunctions of the Sacral Vertebrae for Gait
  • Releasing the Ankle or Talocrural Joint
  • Working the Peroneus muscles, attachment of the Biceps Femoris muscle, and releasing the Fibula
  • Working the Psoas Major and Leg Muscles (including the Quads, Hamstrings, and Iliotibial Band) for Gait
  • Using MET to stretch the Psoas Major, lateral and medial Hamstrings, and Leg Muscles for Gait

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Venue is negotiable. We can organize a venue for classes outside of Northern California: for more information, Contact Us. To view our local venue, Click Here.

Graduates are awarded one continuing-education credit per hour which can be applied to license renewals. Our courses are recognized as continuing-education post-graduate courses for practicing therapists.

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